Jane the Virgin: The Baptism of Mateo

Spoiler alert: This article contains information from the episode “Chapter Twenty-Five” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

One of the things Jane the Virgin does best is weave the history of the other two Villanueva women, Alba and Xiomara,  into the fabric of Jane’s storyline. As Jane prepared to bring Mateo into God’s family with his baptism, viewers saw Young Alba and Xiomara doing the same with their daughters.

“Chapter Twenty-Five” was all about preparing for the future.  Jane was confronted with decisions effecting hers and Mateo’s.  There was her graduate school program dilemma as well as how Petra’s pregnancy would impact her family. The seriousness of these issues were lightened in a scene finding Jane counterbalancing being a student with being a new mom. Bringing a three-week old infant to a college class, was not the best idea.  Then, there were the flash forward fantasies finding Petra and baby as members of the Villanueva family, complete with the awkwardness of a Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, Team Michael fans were given another reminder why Jane should choose him. In an entry from the diary he kept, Michael gave Jane sound advice in dealing with Petra’s pregnancy. Will Jane be able to pursue her dream of being a writer while still being a good mom?  Will Petra’s pregnancy push Jane away from Rafael and towards Michael?

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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