iZombie Fandom Speaks: Major Issues, VM Easter Eggs, Halsey’s Castle, and RaviOli

The iZombie fandom is abuzz today after the Real Housewife Liv episode last night. So many things to discuss and so little time.

First, there are major issues with Major going on in the episode. Fans are questioning whether the hair standing up on the back of his neck is sufficient evidence to warrant all the zombie(?) killing he’s doing. How sure IS he that his victims are actually the undead?

Of course, there are those who say they don’t care about that plotline, but it does appear that the majority do care. Most don’t particularly like the dark path he’s walking down. And that’s without even mentioning the gym sex with Liv’s Max Rager roommate.

Speaking of, the one thing I did NOT see being talked about in fandom was the bit of info dropping that was done about the redheaded bombshell being Vaughn’s daughter. Did everyone miss that?

Then, as is to be expected with a work put together by Rob Thomas, there are the Veronica Mars fans that have become iZombie viewers. They are all atwitter about the multiple Easter Eggs that were oh so deliberately added into the episode as a wink, nudge, and shout out to them. You don’t bring in Dick Casablancas, Sr. for a guest role without the fandom noticing and you absolutely do NOT drop a line like “A long time ago, we used to be friends” without meaning to reference the Veronica Mars theme song. The one thing that fans can’t seem to figure out is this: Why does Rob keep dropping such fantastic references when he keeps insisting that he wants people to STOP comparing iZombie with his previous hit, Veronica Mars?

Finally, there are those who seem completely oblivious to everything else going on in the episode and are blissfully gushing about Halsey’s song, Castle, being included in the soundtrack and the Liv and Ravi scene where they each pirouette while Clive gives them both a look like they’re out of their minds. Who knows! Maybe they are.

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