Heroes Reborn: Enigma

A few days ago I received a code to download Heroes Reborn: Enigma before its release.  Y’all, I’m about to drop some serious gaming on your face holes.

  1. GRAPHICS.  Holy balls!  The graphics in HR:E are AHHHH-mazing.  Everything is so clean, there’s no lag time.  It’s shiny, guys.  Like, Firefly shiny.
  2. The story.  You are the main character, Dahlia, and your goal is to escape the Primatech-like facility and save your sister.  Both of you are EVOs and are being subjected to rigorous testing.
  3. DAHLIA.  Serious question: how many games out there force you to be a male character?  It’s so nice to have a game where the main character is female and you can’t change that.  Major props for that.  Finally, a game where I feel included.
  4. The game.  If you like playing Portal, then you’ll LOVE HR:E.  It’s essentially a puzzle game at its core, but it’s also strategy.  The game forces you to use deductive reasoning, math, physics.  It’s like a school lesson hidden in fun.  Yes, this game could be considered “fun and educational.”
  5. The levels.  As with any game, the levels get harder as you progress.  I was stuck on Level 11 for two whole days before I finally figured out how to beat it.
  6. Easter Eggs.  There are so many throwbacks to the original Heroes series, such as “a cheerleader from Texas who can regenerate” and “a man who can stop time.”  It also follows fairly close to the current series, Heroes Reborn, since EVOs are being hunted and experimented on.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is currently $4.99 in the App Store.  Is it worth it?  YES.  I love this game.

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