From Here to Internity: Julie McNiven Joins the Cast of Internity

download (2)Actress Julie McNiven has enjoyed a successful film and television career. Fans of Supernatural know her as college student turned dangerously determined angel Anna Milton. She appeared as ad man Pete Campbell’s no-nonsense secretary Hildy in the Emmy winning Mad Men. In addition, McNiven has had roles on such shows as Law and Order:Criminal Intent, Desperate Housewives, Stargate Universe, Fringe, Nikita, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and Night Shift. McNiven has appeared in films Possession of Michael King and the upcoming BabyMoon. Further, McNiven is a singer who has lent her vocal talents to Jason Manns’ EP Christmas with Friends.

Now, McNiven has taken up residence at Internity as Dr. Sara Cohen. Internity is a dramedy created by Joey Adams. The show follows the adventures of Camila Chivari (Marina Sirtis), who after a difficult divorce, follows her dream of becoming a doctor. The 50-year-old, first year intern has to navigate the precarious waters at a hospital where all of the other interns are decades younger.

Despite falling under the comedy umbrella, Internity will weather weighty issues such as equal pay, gender equality and ageism. Currently, an campaign is underway with the goal of raising $100,000 to bring this project to television.

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