Fandom Speaks: What Twitter is Learning About CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that Tumblr Hasn’t Yet Caught Onto

There are two very distinct, very separate groups of fans: those on Twitter who watch and live-tweet shows along with the cast, creators, and media; and those on Tumblr who gush about shows, make gifs and memes about them, and obsess over them throughout the week while they wait impatiently for the next episode.

Usually, the latter is where you find those fans who are diehards and will keep a show (such as Supernatural, now airing its 11th season) on the air long past its expiration date. However, when a show is new and has a title that can be considered problematic or a turn-off in and of itself, well…it may be Twitter where you first find the sparks of what is yet to come.

This week on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the crazy ex came face to face with the gorgeous current girlfriend. And what did she do? She befriended her. Not only that, but she got drunk and was seen sexy dancing, grinding against, and kissing the current girlfriend. That’s right, folks. This is NOT your average crazy stalker ex. She’s so much worse! And what Twitter is finding out is that this show is extremely self-aware. Rachel Bloom’s main character is super smart (she graduated Harvard Law), super successful, and yet STILL falls into a depressive state that she determines can only be fixed by going back to the last time she can remember being happy.

She KNOWS that moving across the country to reconnect with an ex is crazy so she pointedly refers to countless other reasons why she needed to move. She needed a change. It’s close to the beach. The weather. The secondhand embarrassment the audience feels for her is comical and cringe-worthy. And yet…because of her smarts, because of her feminist ideals, this character is super relatable. Which is a sentiment reflected time and again when looking through the #CrazyExGirlfriend hashtag on Twitter.  Maybe in another week or two, Tumblr will catch up.


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