Fandom Speaks: The iZombie Fandom Reacts to S2 Premiere

There is one sure way to find out what fans of any franchise are thinking or feeling when it comes to favorite shows, characters, story arcs, relationships, or anything else related to fandom.


Tumblr has largely taken over where message boards and chat rooms once reigned supreme. And Talk Nerdy With Us is all over it.

Last night, after the Season 2 premiere of iZombie, we headed over to Tumblr to check out fan reactions to Liv’s grumpy old man gig and the mystery of the week. Here’s what fans had to say:





And, last but not least, a VERY good question that no one really seemed to have an answer to:

Why would Liv not tell her mom that she had a bloodborne illness like HIV/AIDS to explain why she couldn’t give her brother a transfusion or any of the other odd behavior she has been demonstrating lately? 

If you have a response, post it in the comments!


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