Fandom Speaks: The iZombie Fandom Reacts to S2 Premiere

There is one sure way to find out what fans of any franchise are thinking or feeling when it comes to favorite shows, characters, story arcs, relationships, or anything else related to fandom.


Tumblr has largely taken over where message boards and chat rooms once reigned supreme. And Talk Nerdy With Us is all over it.

Last night, after the Season 2 premiere of iZombie, we headed over to Tumblr to check out fan reactions to Liv’s grumpy old man gig and the mystery of the week. Here’s what fans had to say:


  • Ravi. The man, the geek, the doctor, the scientist. He is universally loved. He also had what seems to be the favorite line from the episode: “Her name is New Hope, not Final Hope. You know this. If I wanted to name her something depressing I would’ve gone with Phantom Menace.” The fandom’s love of Star Wars references could not be greater.
  • The other thing that is universally loved? The theme song. Some fans have even noted the theme song as being the reason they were drawn into the show in the first place. Now THAT is clever marketing!
  • Also Byron. Specifically, Byron and his puppy love. Not a single comment could be found that wasn’t sympathetic toward his momentary lapse of judgment when it came to the man who had stolen his beloved dog. In fact, it was almost disturbing how many were willing to overlook the man’s killer instinct and lavish him in understanding and support instead.
  • And finally, Major. Fans appear to be very protective of Major. They don’t like seeing him sad. They don’t like seeing him blackmailed. Or alone. Or doing something he’s not passionate about doing when it comes to his career. They feel for him. Not only do they feel protective but they feel possessive of him as well with many calling him their “reckless son.”


  • Ableist remarks. Now, Rob Thomas and Company are known for using dialogue to address very real social issues, which can make their writing controversial at times. This was definitely one of those times. Particularly the scene where the old lady was talking about the murder victim, mentioned him having fibro, spoke about his life sucking, and very nearly justified his death as him being better off. Or at least that’s the interpretation that fandom seems to be taking.
  • Racist remarks. Again, everyone was quite well aware that the intention was for these things to be funny. But not everyone took them that way. In fact, some were extremely offended by Liv calling Clive “one of the good ones” And Liv complaining to Ravi, a man of Asian descent, about “driving like an Asian.” Stereotypes are not cool. Even when they are played up and joked about.
  • Sexist remark from Clive. A general dropping of the jaw happened across the fandom when Clive told Liv that she may need a “lady aspirin.” True or not (which it wasn’t, at least not for the reason that Clive implied!) it was totally not cool.


  • Some discussion is going on regarding Liv’s consistency or lack thereof in portraying the “grumpy old man.” It was noted that she was possibly more actively portraying the characteristics of the man whose brain she’d eaten when she was in the police station rather than in other locations. Others disagreed and stated that what’s seen is Liv’s own personality warring with that of the old man, which is why her own traits come out more in certain situations than others. Hmm. Definitely something to ponder.
  • As has been the case since the start of iZombie in the spring, there is an ongoing comparison between this Rob Thomas show and his teenaged private eye show, Veronica Mars. It seems to be recognized that iZombie is making an effort to break away from that mold, but few seem overly eager to see that happen.
  • Blaine. Perhaps one of the most interesting discussions happening on Tumblr is regarding fan sentiment toward the former zombie that people love to hate. Some people want more of him, love David Anders’s performance, portrayal, and line delivery. Others wish Blaine had died. There is no in between with fans when it comes to this character. He is either loved or hated. Most, at least, seemed to appreciate his parallels and references to Hannibal last night.


  • Blaine & Liv. This was the only ship mentioned on Tumblr after the episode last night that had been expected. Comparisons have been made time and time again between Blaine/Liv and Veronica/Logan. Rob Thomas himself has addressed the will they/won’t they question by saying that there’s a big difference between bum fights and killing homeless teenagers. But still, the Blaine/Liv speculation continues. And it likely will continue for a very long time.
  • Perhaps the most surprising ship mentioned on Tumblr was Liv with her new roommate. WHAT?!?! Ships are definitely mysterious things sometimes, but to want Liv to have a “sleeping with the enemy” storyline…well, I suppose it could be interesting. Brings some imaginative possibilities to mind anyway.
  • And finally, the ship whose name deserves some sort of medal. Fans may not be able to agree on whether Liv and Clive should be a BROTP or an OTP, but they DO seem to agree when it comes to what to call them: Piggy & the Brain. Yes, that’s right. Piggy…and…the Brain. Bravo, fandom. Bravo.

And, last but not least, a VERY good question that no one really seemed to have an answer to:

Why would Liv not tell her mom that she had a bloodborne illness like HIV/AIDS to explain why she couldn’t give her brother a transfusion or any of the other odd behavior she has been demonstrating lately? 

If you have a response, post it in the comments!


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