Fandom Speaks: Jane the Virgin Trending Topics

Typically, it might be expected that the trending topics after a new episode of Jane the Virgin would largely revolve around Jane, her two suitors, and whatever was going on in the plot that week. However, that’s not quite the case this time.

A lot happened last night with Jane, Michael, Rafael, the new mommy class, grad school, etc. So what are people talking about?


Rafael’s sister has been kidnapped. Her scenes were a very small portion of the show. And yet, as an apparent problematic fave in the fandom, she’s a very hot topic. And not just her, but Rose as well. They are both considered cutting edge characters and Luisa is loved for being the female representation of a typical male stereotype: the addict trying to make good who repeatedly makes unintentional mistakes.

Luisa, the fictional reason for the entire premise behind Jane the Virgin, is considered a precious cinnamon roll by much of the fandom. Too good for this world. And, apparently, she must be ‘shipped’ with the prime villain of the series, Rose – a.k.a. Sin Rostro.

The other favorite topic in the JtV fandom this week, unsurprisingly, is Petra. However, the range of thoughts and feelings about Petra and her newly discovered (and confirmed) pregnancy is highly varied. Some wonder why Petra is still on the show. Some predict she’ll have a miscarriage. And still others propose that the joke is on her and the sperm she took was somehow not Rafael’s.

What do you think? How would you like to see the Petra ‘situation’ play out? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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