Fandom Speaks: Fave iZombie Pairing(s)

While the super obvious Liv/Major pairing is clearly being discussed, adored, and disputed today and the ever-popular RaviOli Brotp is – as usual – the subject of many feels and favorite moments, it is clearly the surprise chemistry between Blaine and Peyton that is being talked about the most among the fandom.

It appears to be universally agreed upon at this point that Blaine and Peyton need to be explored further. Much further. Her sass and smarts mixed with his snark and sarcasm are a match made in television heaven. They seem to have what makes many a TV couple sizzle: banter and nuance, not to mention savvy sex-appeal.

Not to say that super sweet and sad couple, Liv and Major, don’t have their fans, but there is definitely more contention in the ranks regarding whether they are endgame, an unattainable memory (a la Duncan and Veronica), or simply ships passing in the night. Most agree that Major is a mess at the moment and as heart-rending as his final scene with Liv was, she may not be the savior that he’s hoping for.

Granted, there also appear to be plenty of fans who were just waiting for that tender scene between Liv and Major. At least, if the number of gifsets reliving the moment are any indication.

Beyond couples, the most interesting tidbits on Tumblr are those that offer suggestions for future scenarios. One such offering would involve a crossover between iZombie and Hannibal where Liv is invited for a divine dinner featuring lamb and brain curry. Sounds delish, doesn’t it?

What brain recipes would you like to see? Sound off below in the comments!

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