Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sees Audience Split

The third episode of this new CW show has not sent its viewership numbers in the desired direction. It has also seen renewed discussion among those who did watch last night as to whether or not the show is inadvertently promoting stalking and other unhealthy behaviors.

The argument on one side is that the true message behind the show was to face your fears and not allow them to keep you from experiencing great things.  The problem is that the counter reasoning is sound.

Rebecca is encouraged by her friend not to allow past bad experiences to keep her from trying again now. In many scenarios, that would be great advice. But in this case, not so much. Not when trying again means doing something for the sole purpose of spending time with a person who is already committed to someone else.

The voices that are speaking up in the fandom are pointing out that if Rebecca were a male in this same situation, the show wouldn’t be considered a comedy. It would be automatically entered into the horror genre. And Rebecca’s friend would be considered an accessory.

So how are those who are calling the series quirky and cute defending the protagonist’s obsession? By saying that the situation is exaggerated and used ironically to point out much deeper issues that Rebecca has. Like the inability to make herself happy.

Which group is right? Or do they both make good points that should be addressed? Leave a comment with your thoughts below and let this discussion continue.


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