Fandom Speaks: Arrow Fans React to S4 Premiere

It’s always interesting to step into a fandom on Tumblr right after an episode airs. If it were an actual room, the air would be humming with energy and buzzing with excitement.  Instead, what we get is the virtual equivalent of a close-knit crowd of friends watching the Oscars, Emmys, or the Super Bowl together.

In a word, it’s fascinating.

After both the East Coast and West Coast airing of the premiere, there was very clearly one central thought on everyone’s minds:


The majority of fans were very worried that it would be Felicity while others staunchly refuted that possibility, stating sensibly that the writers would be shooting themselves in the foot if they killed off one of the show’s most beloved characters. The main in-character reason for why it couldn’t be Felicity’s grave seems to be that Harrison Wells (from The Flash) had stated that he had “foreseen” Felicity doing great things in the future. And this from a character who was literally FROM the future.

However, others aren’t quite so sure.

And still others offered very specific theories for whose grave they think it is or even a rundown of all the main characters and the probability that the grave belongs to them.

Tumblr user everythingdctv says:

“Diggle will die. 

The writers saw how everyone started to hate Felicity in Season 3 so they used that clip to give us hope so we could be happy this season. 

It’s not Felicity, it would be too obvious. 

Oliver is going to spend all or most of this season trying to get his relationship with Diggle back on track, and when Diggle tries to go against H.I.V.E. alone, he gets killed and it sends Oliver overboard.” 

And from Tumblr user olicity-beautiful-dreamer:

“The Arrow Season Four Premier honestly couldn’t have been any better rightttttt until the very end… You know what I mean? Oliver graveside ring any bells? Yeah like anyone can forget that. 

So here’s a few of our death options: 

Felicity (highly unlikely) She’s the most loved character. The writers know where their bread is buttered, AKA, their fan base is and it would be akin to committing TV suicide to kill her . 

Thea (probable, highly likely)  Her journey is just starting not to mention that Oliver’s already lost the rest of his family. It would be a huge set back for him to lose his sister. 

Laurel (small chance but doubtful) Laurel’s also just started her journey, though her part is small and there will be confusion between her and her sister it is unlikely that she will die. 

Diggle (highly likely) Dig is Oliver in the future so this would be a bad parallel, not to mention he has a wife and baby that would be left alone and if he dies it would be at the hands of the same organization that killed his brother. There is a chance though seeing as his high arc could come to an end in this season. 

Lance (VERY likely, big chance)  Quinton already has heart problems and now he’s signed on to work with Darhk. I don’t see him getting out of this one. His part on the show has always been to fight against the hood/vigilante/arrow. Now that Oliver is on a happier path Lance won’t be able to do that and his purpose will slowly dwindle to non-existence, his only reason for being on the show Laurel and Sara, the latter of which is moving to Legends of Tomorrow, Laurel also will be making more guest appearances on the show also.” 

When fans were able to tear themselves away from the shocking twist at the end of the episode, they started to wonder why Barry was at the funeral and what that might mean.

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The rest of the very few comments that were seen in multiples and appeared to be echoed throughout the fandom were actually quite humorous. They went something like this:
  • Felicity failed the omelette
  • The writers promised a lighter tone this season…THEY LIED!!!
  • Olicity, Olicity, OLICITY!!! (squee, swoon, dead)
  • Yay for Starling City being changed back to Star City! …but now there’s a continuity error.
And, after all that angst and all that ooey, gooey Olicity goodness…we have the winner of the random question of the week award.
  • How does Iron Heights serve both Star City & Central City when they are 600 miles apart?

If anyone has the answer to that question, let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, join us again next week for the Arrow edition of Fandom Speaks.

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