Double D Makes the Grade with its Heartwarming Theme

The singer and lyricist of the accomplished classic rock band Art Brut has revealed his creative talent in a new and exciting way: by writing an original graphic novel.

Double D is the brainchild of Eddie Argos. With art work by artist Steven Horry, colors by David Cooper, and lettering by Colin Bell, Double D takes an ingenious approach on the much adored superhero theme. The premise involves overweight teen, Danny Carter, who is the target of bullying. But when Danny discovers that his weight leads to unexpected superpowers, the suburban fifteen year old becomes an unlikely crime fighter. Expect twists and turns in Danny’s journey towards self-discovery.

This graphic novel will be released around the time of a recorded soundtrack album, featuring Mark Hefferman and Grant Purser as well as Argos and Horry, and will be released on Post/Pop Records in late November/early December.

Horry enthusiastically notes: “Being an Eddie script, Double D is as funny, heartfelt, and true-to-life as the best Art Brut songs. Well, as true to life as a story about a teenager with superpowers can be. And to work with people as talented as Colin Bell and David Cooper has made the whole process an absolute joy. Roll on the next one.”

Double D, by Image Comics, is slated to hit comic book stores on November 11th.

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