Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/Jane the Virgin Crossover: If Rebecca Met Jane

Rebecca Bunch and Jane Villanueva are two quirky, fun-loving girls. These ladies recently became lineup neighbors when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend joined Jane the Virgin on Monday night, but what if these two actually met IRL? What funny shenanigans could happen?

Scenario 1:  Rebecca’s law firm Whitefeather and Associates sends her to Miami for a case and she books a room at The Marbella. She meets Jane and they start talking about their men. Jane, who is an ‘expert’ due to having two boyfriends, gives Rebecca advice on winning Josh’s heart.

Scenario 2:  Jane needs to get away from it all and takes Mateo to West Covina. She gets a temporary job at Whitefeather and Associates. Rachel takes her under her wing and a friendship is born.

There are other possible scenarios in which Rebecca and Jane could come into each other’s orbit.  I could even picture one in which Rebecca and Xo perform together in one of Rebecca’s musical fantasy numbers. The comedic talent coming from Rachel Bloom and Gina Rodriquez is off the charts and having these two in scenes together would make comedy magic. If nothing else, I would love to hear Jane the Virgin’s narrator narrate a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend scene.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend airs 8/7c and Jane the Virgin airs 9/8c Mondays on The CW.

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