Concert Review: Blurryface Tour

Twenty One Pilots stopped by San Diego, California last night as part of their Blurryface Tour which I got to be apart of. And let me tell you…THEY. KILLED. IT. LAST. NIGHT.

Wow, just…wow.


Twenty One Pilots is an American, electro-pop duo that consists of Tyler Joseph (vocalist, lead) and Josh Dun (drummer) from Columbus, Ohio.

These guys are so very talented and entertaining that the night flew by way too fast. I was just like “Didn’t they just go on?” Right after the show, you know that post-concert-depression kicks in as usual. Well, if you’re a concert fanatic like me, of course.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen them live, then what are you doing?


They came on right when they were scheduled to (9:15pm), even though their second opening act, Echosmith came on stage a little late. Echosmith were awesome, by the way! I even spotted former Allstar Weekend band member Cameron Quiseng at the show! Always my fav! Anyway, Tyler and Josh got the crowd roaring as they came out and performed the first song of the night which was Heavydirtysoul.

Second, they performed one of my favorite songs from the latest Blurryface album Stressed Out which was fun to see live! Tyler’s interaction with the crowd was phenomenal. I love when artists take time to talk to the crowd. It shows that they genuinely care about their fans and the journey they took for their career.

With Tyler’s constant jumping, I got hyped myself! Later on, we got to see Josh’s famous back flip on top of the piano and that was epic, as well. Nicely done Josh! Twenty One Pilots really know how to get a huge crowd excited, entertained and just down right fall in love with them.

Tyler’s vocal skills are absolutely phenomenal on stage. You know how some artists just sound wrong live? Not, Tyler. He gave it his all. I felt like I was actually listening to the track on the CD.

And Josh. Oh Josh. He is one, talented drummer. The way he performed, alongside Tyler was perfect. During all songs, I’d catch myself just watching this man kill it with the drums, bumping his head with every beat.

One of my favorite moments of the concert was during the song Car Radio. Tyler mysteriously went all the way up on top of the arena. He was close to the crowds that were seated up high. It was fun to watch the whole crowd react! Their performance last night was indeed flawless. One of the best concerts I’ve been to and I already miss them! I cannot wait until their next tour.




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