Bones and Sleepy Hollow: No Bone to Pick, Crossover was a Success

Spoiler alert:  This article contains information from Bones/Sleepy Hollow episodes titled “The Resurrection in the Remains” and  “Dead Men Tell No Tales” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

 I must give credit where credit is due, the Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover pulled off quite a feat.  It provided two enjoyable hours of FOX’s Thursday night lineup in a neatly wrapped storyline that stayed true to the winning formula on both shows.

To begin talking about the crossover, let’s start with Bones.  When you have kids playing around in an abandon church on Halloween, you expect something spooky to happen.  But stumbling across not one body, but two no less, with one missing its head, that is unexpected to say the least.  Fortunately the crack forensics team at the Jeffersonian, headed by Dr. Temperance Brennan and top FBI Agent Seeley Booth are on the case.  It looked like they’d need days to solve the case especially since there were two sets of remains (one female and one male) and one appeared to be over two hundred years old (that would be the male headless corpse).

But as luck would have it, assistance arrives in the form of Agent Abbie Mills and her colleague Ichabod Crane all the way from Sleepy Hollow. I bet the Jeffersonian team wasn’t that eager to share their findings with strangers, particularly the strange man dressed as though he stepped out of an issue of GQ Colonial.

It seemed as though Dr. Temperance Brennan had met her scholastic match in the highly intelligent, yet odd Crane, who she found to be annoying.  Seeley Booth fared better with Mills as they shared a common connection, that of August Corbin, Abbie’s mentor.

The remains were identified as that of medical student Sarah Lippman and British General Howe. Ichabod was able to provide information regarding General Howe and explained how his handwriting was a match to the 200-year-old letter that the Jeffersonian team found.  Maybe Brennan was just tired due to her long hours at the lab and two children at home because she bought Crane’s explanation without her usual inquisitive nature. Necromancy and witchcraft led to Sarah’s death, and the murderer was revealed to be her boyfriend.

Now onto the Sleepy Hollow portion of the crossover.  Pandora is at it again, casting spells and raising the dead. She intercepts General Howe’s corpse and once he’s alive again (well, sort of), she charges him to seek vengeance upon his enemy: Ichabod Crane! I guess when you’re a British soldier who changes sides you’ve made a lot of enemies and even the dead ones still hold grudges.

The second hour of the crossover was full of action, adventure and a zombie Revolutionary War army pointing their loaded muskets at the townspeople.  Team Witness arrived just in time to prevent the zombie apocalypse. Zombie General Howe ends up killing himself before he gives Ichabod the satisfaction. Abbie and Ichabod save the day and prevent the loss of many innocent lives, but Pandora is already plotting her next scheme.


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