Album Review: Berne Has a Conversation with Listeners

In Berne’s EP Conversation, the haunting vocals elicit memories of Evanescence while keeping their own unique sound. Hailing from Malta, Berne’s single “In the Woods” reached the top 10 in her home country, and the video is enchanting. Berne wanders the woods, searching, and comes upon a web of ropes as two hooded figures run past.

The first track on the EP, “The Scene,” follows the same mellow tone as “In the Woods,” but the second track, Espresso-Oh, definitely makes you feel like Berne has had a few espressos herself, bouncing along with an energy that you can’t help but catch. “Lights” starts dark and fast, leading to a hypnotic chorus before returning to the rapid staccato beat. Halfway through, the song has a slow, chilling break that hearkens of a horror movie soundtrack, leading back to the chorus. “In the Woods” rounds out the EP, bringing the music back to the feel of “The Scene.”

All in all, a spiritual album from an artist that I hope to hear more from in the future.

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