8 Quotes That Prove You Should Be Watching Undateable Live

WARNING: Shameless Plug Ahead

If there is a show on TV that deserves to be talked about more than it is, it’s Undateable. The cast includes four stand-up comedians and sitcom alums Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement) and Bridgit Mendler (Good Luck Charlie), with sitcom legend Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Spin City, Cougar Town, Ground Floor) executive producing. If that is not enough to get you interested, then consider the fact that season three is going to be live. That’s right, LIVE. All of it. The whole thing. Every.Last.Episode. Of a sitcom!

There will literally be no other show on television like it. Last season, they did one live episode which created so much excitement that it brought in huge guest stars including: Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Christa Miller, Victoria Justice, Kate Walsh, Minnie Driver, Scott Foley, AND Ed Sheeran! Plus, they are promising even more for season three. Still not convinced? Not a problem.

Below I have collected several quotes from the past two seasons that are bound to make anyone with even the smallest sense of humor laugh till it hurts. Enjoy and turn your televisions to NBC on Fridays starting this week at 8/7c.

When the guys explain what a “white girl emergency” is:

White girl emergency

This is the day from hell. I got hit on by another married guy and my quads are still on fire from pilates.
Well somebody call 911, we have ourselves a white girl emergency!
You know, a white girl emergency, like if you forgot to Instagram a cupcake.
Yeah, or if your DVR didn’t record Scandal.

When Justin tries to convince Danny to get a better job

Undateable_Danny_s_Funeral_Episode_Highlight (1)

You know I had my first real job when I was 14. I had to. Those modern dance classes weren’t going to pay for themselves.

When Candace calls Justin a jerk

Candace nice khakisCandace nice khakis 2

And you, I should have known from your nice khakis. My mom said never to trust rich people.

When Justin tells Danny he’s becoming a loser

Luke 29 andre 3000

Thou shall not speak ill about thy roommate. Luke 29:Andre 3000.

When Justin tries to prove he can play it cool with Danny’s one night stand

Justin sings

Danny, I just sang the most vocally challenging Backstreet Boys song without hitting one flat note. I think I know how to play it cool.

When Danny and Justin insult each other

Danny Justin Insults

There’s no way I’m taking that from a guy who looks like a guy who should be selling massage chairs at a Brookstone.
Well you look like one of those street thugs that spiderman catches.
Alright, well you look like one of those animatronic men from It’s a Small World.
You look like a guy who watched one episode of Game of Thrones and decided to start doing his hair that way.
[That’s] coming from a guy who looks like a Southwest flight attendant.
And that’s nice to hear from a guy who looks like Jesus if he lived in Seattle.

When Candace doesn’t know Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Final

Because nobody puts baby in a corner.
Who is putting a baby in a corner?
It’s from Dirty Dancing.
No, I don’t care how they got pregnant.

When Leslie asks Justin if he’s a fan of Scandal

need scandal 1

A fan? Leslie, I’m a fan of oxygen. I need Scandal.


Alright, folks, there is just a taste of the goodness that is Undateable. See you at Black Eyes on Friday at 8! Peace out, baby birds!

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