5 Things Gilmore Girls Fans May Want to See on Netflix Reboot

thWhen it was announced that Netflix would be airing new episodes of Gilmore Girls as a limited run series, applause could be heard from the countless fans whose prayers had been answered.

In the years since the final episode aired on The CW in 2007, loyal viewers have been wanting a reunion movie to see where life has taken their favorite Stars Hollow residents. Many of the major cast members also expressed an interest in reviving the series. However, the timing was never right.

Now with a limited run episode reboot in the works, Here are 5 things Gilmore Girls fans may want to see.

  1. Goodbye, Richard Gilmore.  Fans were saddened to learn of  the death of Edward Hermann who played Gilmore patriarch Richard.  The first episode should address this lost for Emily, Lorelai and Rory. It would also be a fitting tribute to the amazing actor who portrayed him.
  2.  Rory Gilmore, the Journalist.  When the series ended, Rory had accepted a position to work on the Obama campaign. Where has her career path taken her?  Has her dream of becoming a foreign correspondent been realized? Inquiring fans want to know.
  3. Dean, Jess and Logan ‘ The Gilmore Guys’.  One of the biggest debates in the fandom continues to be who was the right guy for Rory?  Who did she end up with? First love, Dean, bad boy Jess or college boyfriend Logan? Is it possible that career driven Rory Gilmore decided to remain single?
  4. Luke and Lorelai.  This couple almost made it to the altar but a misunderstanding kept them from becoming husband and wife.  Luke has always been there for Lorelai and was even a surrogate father to Rory. He also helped Lorelai’s The Dragonfly Inn dream became a reality.  A Luke/Lorelai wedding would be the ultimate reward for fans of this couple.
  5. The citizens of Stars Hollow.  And what about Sookie, Jackson, Lane, Taylor, Miss Patty, Kirk and every one else, what have they been doing?

Finally, I think it would be great having Where You Lead  as the Gilmore Girls theme again for the reboot. Regardless of the episode storylines, it’s just great to have Gilmore Girls back.

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