Will Viewers Give CBS The Inspectors Their Stamp of Approval?

download (2)CBS is counting on television viewers to deliver their stamp of approval when The Inspectors premieres next month. The show stars Bret Green as Preston Wainwright, a paraplegic college student working for the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPS). The show also stars Jessica Lundy, Terry Serpico, Harrison Knight and Erica-Marie Sanchez.

The USPS can trace its roots to the 18th century and is the agency charged with investigating fraud and other crimes impacting the operation of the postal system. This premise offers meaty storyline potential for The Inspectors with the investigatory aspect. Yet, there is also the promise of a tremendous emotional payoff as viewers will be able to follow Preston’s journey as a physically challenged person. Viewers who crave for a show that celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit will find The Inspectors must see television.

The Inspectors premieres on October 3.

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