Will Beauty and the Beast’s J.T. and Tess’ Romance Follow the Same Path as Vincent and Catherine’s?

The cop and the professor. Sounds like a new comedy doesn’t it? Beauty and the Beast’s Tess Vargas and J.T. Forbes have had very little to laugh about in Season 3. In that regard, they seem to be following in the romantic footsteps of best friends, Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller.

No one expected J.T. and Tess to fall in love, least of all J.T. and Tess. Besides being Catherine and Vincent’s best friends, they had very little else in common. J.T. was a college professor, and Tess was a tough police detective. But supporting their friends brought them closer together and their love blossomed.

Now, it seems as though J.T. and Tess may be following in Catherine and Vincent’s footsteps with the road to happily ever after being paved with danger.

J.T.’s life hangs in the balance as Beauty and the Beast’s Season 3 finale nears. Will Tess’ love give him the strength to survive?

Beauty and the Beast Season 3 finale airs Thursday, September 10 at 8/7c on the CW.



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