Why The CW should renew Significant Mother for a second season


When you have something good,  you should stick with it. Such is the case with Significant Mother and why it should be renewed for Season Two.

Created by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith, Significant Mother offers a winning combination of fresh, snappy dialogue and a talented cast that transfer the writing to screen in a flawless way. No laugh track required.

Each actor brings a unique magic to the character they portray, from the leads to supporting.

Josh Zuckerman who plays Nate Marlowe, has a boyish charm about him that is enticing to watch. Krista Allen’s Lydia is beautiful but accessible. Her character is a woman charting unfamiliar territory in a way that brings the viewer along for her journey. Nathaniel Buzolic gives more to the character of Jimmy that rises him above ‘boy toy’ status.  Add Jonathan Silverman as Harrison, Emma Fitzpatrick as Sam and Jay Ali as Atticus to the mix and this comedy recipe is complete.

Significant Mother has the makings to be a hit comedy for The CW.  If the network places its bet with the show, it will win big. This is one show that deserves a second season renewal.



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