Why Fans Should Get Excited For Sleepy Hollow Season 3

Sleepy Hollow returns for its third season on Thursday, October 1.

The series which is a modern retelling of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane and Nikki Beharie as Lieutenant Abbie Mills. It is a mixture of supernatural and mystery.

Sleepy Hollow premiered on September 16, 2013  with good ratings and developed a loyal fan base.   Unfortunately, after a strong first season with tight stories based on a mythology involving a fight of good vs evil, the second season waved and ratings began to drop.  The stories seemed to sway from episode to episode with no clear path.  Some viewers became frustrated and simply stopped watching.  It was uncertain whether the show would return for season three.

With season three, there has been talk that the show will return to its origins.  Previous showrunner Mark Goffman has departed and Clifton Campbell has now taken over the helm.  In addition three main actors left the show at the end of season 2: Katia Witer, John Noble and Orlando Jones. However, several new characters are slated to appear. Actress Nikki Reed will play Betsy Ross.  It’s rumored that the character will be bad, unlike the historic flag maker we all know.  There’s also a new character, Zoe Corinth, played by Maya Kazan.

But perhaps the best thing for fans to be excited about is the return of Ichabod and Abbie to their former fun-loving selves. Mison and Beharie’s chemistry is amazing and a lot of the spark and banter between Ichabod and Abbie was missing in season 2.

It’s looking like Sleepy Hollow season 3 shouldn’t be missed!


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