Who Will Win the Prize Money in the Twinning Finale?

Which pair of twins will walk away with $222.222.22? That question will be answered on September 30 when the finale airs.

Last week, Je and Li were sent home.

In a recently conducted poll, here’s how the final three pairs stacked up according to fans who responded.

Kamila and Kristina:

These girls have had their share of haters.  They have been dubbed the villains of the competition.  Many feel that they have not played fair, using Torian and Tre’s attraction to them to avoid twin-offs.  However, they also have a large number of fans who feel that they will win this competition, and deserve the prize money.  They received 50% of the total votes.

Claire and Shawn:

They have won two consecutive twin-offs and numerous challenges.  Their fighting spirit may give them the advantage.  It has won them supporters. They received 42% of the total votes.

Torian and Tre:

The only guys remaining in this competition!  Like Kamila and Kristina, most people polled felt these guys haven’t played fair throughout the competition.  But surprisingly, while this has won Kamila and Kristina some admiration, Torian and Tre’s actions yielded a less than favorable response.They received 8% of the total votes.

Regardless of which twin set wins, Twinning has been an interesting and fun reality competition to watch.  Twin and non-twin viewers have enjoyed seeing the unique twin bond.


The Twinning finale airs tonight at 10/9c on VH1.


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