What Kevin From Work Character Would You Want to Be?

Most of us have worked at offices where there are employees that are similar to those presented on the ABC comedy series Kevin From Work.  We’ve known the obsessive compulsive (Kevin), the Little Mary Sunshine (Audrey) and of course, the “Ricky”, who knows everything about everyone.

But if your job wasn’t on the line and you could choose to be like any of the employees from Kevin From Work, who would you pick?

I recently conducted a poll in which I posed this question. The results were surprising to say the least. The majority of the people asked chose Roxie, a character who doesn’t even work at Kevin’s office. They cited her fun-loving enjoyment of life as the reason. Coming in a close second was yet again, another character that doesn’t actually work at the office on Kevin From Work, Patti.

Those questioned indicated that they enjoy her sharp-tongue, liking the way she says what she means without fear of reprisal or confrontation. The third character from Kevin From Work that people wanted to be like was Brian. They just felt he was really cool. Basically, people just want to let their personalities roam freely and not feel they have to be serious at work even if they have a serious, high pressured job.

So, the Kevins, Audreys and Rickys are in the minority.

Regardless, all the characters on Kevin From Work are an enjoyable bunch to watch and help to make Wednesday night on ABC Family the new TGIF.

Kevin From Work airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

Do you agree with the consensus? Vote below!

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