Third Time Isn’t the Charm for Twinning’s Sklyer and Spencer

Skyler and Spencer have shown that they have a very close bond. These two brothers admitted early in the competition that they had never spent more than twelve hours apart. They even dress alike.

But on the Twinning episode titled “Twinwreck”, their powers of twinstinct failed to secure them a third win in the twin-off.

Shockwaves erupted throughout the blue and green houses when Je and Li returned after successfully defeating Annamarie and Ginamarie in the twin-off. Torian had real reason to worry. Afterall, he had voted to put Je and Li in the last twin-off and it guaranteed that they would be coming for him.

While Je and Li were extremely confident due to their victory, another twin set began feeling pressure that affected their performance in the challenge: Claire and Shawn. The one thing about the Twinning competition is that you can be on top one week, then fall to the bottom the next. The surprises never stop. Viewers are never really sure who will end up in the twin-off until it is revealed.

Despite Torian alienating practically everyone remaining in the houses, it is Claire and Shawn and Skyler and Spencer who end up facing off in the twin-off. And like in last week’s twin-off, Claire and Shawn defeat two-time twin-off champions Skyler and Spencer.

With only two episodes remaining, it’s anyone’s guess which twinset will take home the prize money.

Twinning airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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