The Gorenc Siblings Lend Their Mad Harmony Skills to an Impressive Cover of “Locked Away”

Individually, Jonny, Greg and Allie Gorenc are musical forces to be reckoned with, with their music often being hailed by people as some of the most inventive that they’ve ever heard. Put them together, however, and you’ve got a musical juggernaut that manages to both stun and inspire listeners. At least, that’s what happened when I first listened to their cover of R. City and Adam Levine’s “Locked Away.” Published on the Pilot Kids Music channel on Youtube–which is a band comprised of Jonny Gorenc and Donrique Junior–this cover has far surpassed the original, in my opinion. With their vocal harmonies and innovative musical arrangements, the Gorenc siblings have managed to turn this pop song into something akin to a concert symphony. It soars, mellows out, and then soars again, taking listeners on a wild and emotional ride. Seriously, give it a listen; I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Also, make sure you subscribe to their Youtube channel, for more awesome covers! And follow them on Twitter at @ThePilotKids!

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