The 100 Cast at DragonCon 2015

Thanks to some amazing note taking by Keeton Anderson, a fan who attended DragonCon over the holiday weekend, there is a bunch of fun info we can share from some of our favorite actors from The 100.

Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), and Ricky Whittle (Lincoln) attended the convention and provided their audience with a glorious taste of their personalities, humor…and dance moves.

Keep reading for the highlights from several of the panels!


Christopher Larkin on Himself & His Character –


Richard Harmon on Himself & His Character – 


Ricky Whittle on Himself & His Character (and more) –


Questions Asked During Panels –

Who do you think’s been doing most of the hunting for the camp?

Chris: Bob.

Richard: Bob kills panthers. He kills a lot of things.

What should we expect in season three?

Chris: More death?

What has been the most difficult scene for you to shoot so far?

Richard: The hanging scene was challenging, as well as scenes with only a few short lines.

Chris: Action scenes where you do the same thing over and over are harder, as well as short lines in a scene, because you only have a few words to get across emotions/character depth.

How have the writers managed to create such strong female characters for the show?

Chris: At least half the writing team is female. And when you have that, you just have…awareness. You get strong, three-dimensional female characters.

Are there any funny injuries stories from set that you can tell us?

Richard: Eliza was supposed to fall backwards slightly but she got a little ‘too into it’ and bashed her head on the ground…I thought it was funny.

Who’s the biggest prankster on set?

Chris: Ian [Henry Ian Cusick who plays Marcus Kane].

Richard: Ian. He gave me a massive wedgie right before a take once during a scene when Murphy was handcuffed. 

Ricky: Ian is “an absolute child on set.” The funny moments never stop.

If you were in the same situation as your characters, why would you have been arrested and how would you fare?

Richard:  Would have been arrested as a result of a “colossal misunderstanding” & wouldn’t survive long because he’s the exact opposite of Murphy.

Chris: Would have been arrested for being a “bad communicator.” Not handy & can’t cook, so he wouldn’t last long, either.

Ricky: Wouldn’t survive very long without candy.

What are your feelings about fans?

Richard: “You guys make us happy. We love you.”

What can you tell us about the crew for the show?

Richard: “Only our crew could do our show. It’s a tough show to do & they are great.”

Have you read any fan fiction about The 100?

Chris: No.

Richard: No. “In all honesty, who am I having sex with?” (audience responded ‘Bellamy’)  “Hot.”

What are your feelings about all the new characters being introduced in Season Three?

Ricky: It “keeps you from settling into a comfort zone.”

Who do each of you ship?

Ricky: Would totally be good for Lincoln+every female lead….at the same time.

Chris: Didn’t think Monty was likely to get a love interest, but that he was trying to convince the writers on a Monty-Abby-Indra love triangle.

Richard: He ships Murphy with the “one Playboy mag that he found in the bunker.”

What has been your favorite scene to film?

Richard: His first scene from season three, but can’t talk about it because SPOILERS.

Chris: His favorite Monty scene is upcoming. Monty is evolving, which he’s excited about.

Ricky: Loved his scene in season 1, episode 7 when Octavia cleans Lincoln up after Bellamy tortured him. Said Marie’s performance was so outstanding in that scene that he totally forgot there were cameras filming & he became completely immersed in the scene.

What has your favorite costume piece been for your character?

Richard: Loved his jacket from Season 1 & wants Murphy to find it somehow & get it back.

Chris: Monty’s fur lined hat from Season 1. He didn’t really have it on often. It just kind of hung off his back. They kept trying to cut it, but he loved it so much that he kept sneaking it back on set.

Ricky: Likes his outfits to be loose & comfy to move around with because of the action scenes he films. But he also cited that he liked his Season 2 finale outfit because of the little details (like how his sword was a mirror/matching set to Octavia’s).

If you could change one thing that your character has done, what would it be?

Ricky: Lincoln should’ve “never left that hill! He got involved & his life went to sh*t.”

Chris: Understood the reasons why everyone did what they did. Now they have to deal with the outcome of the choices.

Richard: “I stand by what Murphy has done.”

What’s the first thing you look for when you get a new script?

Richard: Looks for his lines.

Ricky and Chris: Agreed and added that they check to see if they’re even in the episode.

Do any cast members have any hidden talents? 

Ricky: Bob is an “unreal climber.”

Richard: Bob is also an “above average Mario Kart Player” while he himself (Richard) is a superior Mario Karter.

Ricky: Marie rides motorcycles & plays the drums

What is your signature dance move? 

(video used with permission from Somer Rutledge)

Things to Expect in Season Three –

Season 3 of The 100 is currently filming in Vancouver, B.C. and will be coming to The CW in Jan/Feb of 2016.



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