Significant Mother: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Lydia Marlowe faced another life change when she decided to sell her house on the Significant Mother episode titled “Home is Where the Lamp Is.” This didn’t sit well with Nate or Harrison, who were determined to stop her.

Significant Mother’s casting of Jerry O’Connell as realtor Bob was the perfect choice. O’Connell was likeable, elevating him above the stereotypical sleazy realtor willing to do anything for a sale.

But perhaps the guest star Significant Mother fans were most excited to see was series Co-Creator Erin Cardillo as Lydia’s boss, Parker.  She played the character with a dry wit. Parker was not afraid to “call it like she sees it,” and Cardillo proved her talent wasn’t limited to behind the scenes.

Again, the writing was sharp and unbelievably funny. The best scene of the episode was when Operation Scare Off Potential Buyers consisting of Nate, Harrison, Sam and Atticus used mind games to make the house less appealing. Sam even played the part of a pregnant woman who became possessed by the house’s evil presence.

The message of the episode was a change in homes would affect Lydia and Jimmy’s relationship. After suggesting that he and Lydia should move in together, doubt began creeping in for Jimmy.  After a talk with Nate, in which he was reminded that moving in was the first step towards a more permanent relationship, Jimmy broke up with Lydia.

The episode ended with those three little words that often frustrates viewers “To be continued…”

Significant Mother airs its season finale next week. Is this the end for Jimmy and Lydia’s relationship? Tune in to find out.

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