Significant Mother: A Jimmy By Any Other Name is Not the Same

tumblr_nswhakfa7I1t1keiuo1_500Jimmy on Significant Mother is a great character.  He’s the guy that everyone wants as a friend.  He’s caring and fun-loving.  He’s an all around great buddy. He’s one of a kind.  Or is he?

On the Significant Mother episode titled “Under Buddy”, Jimmy and viewers faced the reality that Jimmy may not be as irreplaceable as he thought.  When Lydia asked Nate to give Jimmy the night off so they could attend the ballet, he hires a “Jimmy Understudy”.  A temp bartender, the similarly named Timmy.  Significant Mother nailed it with the casting of Justin Deeley.  As Timmy, he physically looked enough like Nathaniel Buzolic’s Jimmy.  Additionally, he captured the “Jimmyisms” to a tee.

Kudos to Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith for all the great Jimmy/Timmy lines.  There were so many Jimmy/Timmy tongue twisters, it was amazing how well the cast pulled it off.

For all Timmy’s strengths, especially his drink making expertise, he was not Jimmy.  Which was fine with Harrison. “He makes money for me and he’s not sleeping with my wife”, uttered Harrison.  Another great line.

Although Significant Mother focuses on Jimmy’s relationship with Nate’s mother, it never forgets that Jimmy has another equally important relationship, his with Nate.

Significant Mother had another great episode with “Under Buddy”.  With only two episodes remaining, here’s hoping for a second season renewal.

Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on The CW.



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