No More Winning for Annamarie and Ginamarie on Twinning

11998984_739278462883345_7450595515593498971_nIt was the end of the Twinning line for Annamarie and Ginamarie on the Twinning episode titled “Twin Job” as their twinstinct failed to help them win the twin-off for a third time.

Annamarie and Ginamarie, better known to Twinning audiences as The Maries or the Leopardy Twins, have been a Twinning fan favorite since day one. But unfortunately, their popularity with the viewers and their amazing powers of intuition known in the Twinning world as twinstinct didn’t help win them supporters in the blue and green houses.

They were a huge threat to their other competitors.

Je and Li, who previously had issues with Kamila and Kristina, turned their attention to the Russo Twins, specifically Ginamarie.

It was a difficult time for Ginamarie on Twinning this week as the double down challenged proved extremely tough for her. Unfortunately, not winning the challenge sealed Annamarie and Ginamarie’s fate when it came time for voting for the twin-off.

In the twin-off, it was Je and Li vs. Annamarie and Ginamarie.  In what becomes the closest twin-off in the competition, first-time challengers Je and Li defeat two-time champions Annamarie and Ginamarie.

So, The Marie’s are sent home but deliver a classy comment upon their departure. They will be missed be many Twinning fans.


Twinning airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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