Kevin From Work: Spotlight Roxie


hqdefaultRoxie is a free spirit!  In the Kevin From Work episode titled “roommate From Work”, she shows what a fun-loving girl she is by throwing a wrap party for the cast members on her show.  But of course, she fails to mention this to big brother Kevin, even though it’s in his apartment.

For straight-laced older brothers like Kevin, Roxie is definitely the epitome of the annoying little sister.  If she had been born in the 80s, she would have been the inspiration for the Cyndi Lauper song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. To Roxie, life is just one big, never-ending party.

But is Roxie trying to just hide in the fun-loving, devil-may-care mode to cover up feelings that she may be a failure to Kevin and their parents?  Or perhaps she is afraid to venture into the world of adulthood? Although she laments to Patti about Kevin’s personality shortcomings, Roxie may secretly wish to be like him.

Or maybe not. Kevin is a dreamer, as illustrated by his many “Snow White” fantasies about Audrey, while Roxie is a doer. Well, except when it comes to depositing her paychecks!

Regardless, Jordan Hinson has created a character that young women want to be. In a world of uncertainty, Roxie loves life and doesn’t over stress about it. That’s one of the reasons viewers love her.  Roxie, don’t ever change.

Kevin From Work airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.


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