Kevin From Work Profile: Spotlight on Audrey

downloadAudrey is the girl of Kevin’s dreams, but who is she really?

In this character spotlight, I take a look at Kevin From Work’s Audrey and why she seems so uncertain on deciding who she should be with, Brock or Kevin.

As played by Paige Spara, Audrey is someone people seem to gravitate towards.  She is a friend to her co-workers at Superior Food and Beverages but is her ‘Little Mary Sunshine’ personality hiding an insecure woman?

She doesn’t appear to like confrontation, preferring to make people happy.  Audrey even puts ‘Happy Face Stickers’ on the computer monitors  of her co-workers.  In a recent episode, “Birthday From Work,” Audrey was temporarily in charge of the office but unfortunately, no one took her seriously.  This isn’t limited to work.  Her roommate Patti, is a strong opinionated woman, the polar opposite of Audrey.  Patti often does what she wants without considering Audrey’s feelings.  When Roxie needed a place to stay, Patti let her move into the apartment she shares with Audrey without even asking.

Why do people walk over Audrey?  More importantly, why is she so afraid to stand up for herself?  It’s nice that she’s a sweet girl, but it’s time for some of that to change.  Audrey needs to develop a backbone.  First, she should dump boyfriend Brock.  Next, she needs to decide once and for all if she wants a relationship with Kevin.  And finally, she needs to let her co-workers know she matter and deserves to be treated with respect.

The real Audrey is just waiting to get out.  But will Kevin be as attracted to her when she does?  Makes for some great storyline possibilities.

Kevin From Work  airs Wednesdays 8;30/7:30c on ABC Family.


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