It’s a Real Twin-off for Twinning’s Bennett and Winston

It’s coming down to the wire on Twinning.  With only 4 episodes remaining until the final twin set wins the $222,222,22, things heated up in the blue and green houses.

Kamila hopes Winston will support her by joining ‘Team Kamila and Kristina’. Winston, along with his brother Bennett, are one of the few twin sets in the house, (except for maybe Skyler and Spencer) who have never had drama connected with them. Sadly, Winston makes a fatal mistake when Kamila overhears him “conspiring” with her arch enemies, Je and Li in the confessional.

Winston realizes that Kamila wasn’t the person he thought she was, but doesn’t seem to have the energy to argue. Although Claire and Shawn and Tre and Torian are voted to participant in the twin-off, in a shocking twist that surprises their team mates and viewers, it’s Bennett and Winston who are sent packing due to Winston’s strep throat.

Since Twinning is a package deal and Winston is unable to continue in the competition, both twins lose their chance of winning the prize money.

Bennett and Winston, we hardly knew you.

Twinning airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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