Exclusive Interview with Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben


Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben star as Em and Lex in the new web series “i can’t even.” You can watch all 6 episodes now on YouTube. Read our interview with them below!

First off, the series was great and ridiculously on point with fandoms! Are you guys hardcore fangirls?

Louise: Thank you so much! It’s all because of our amazing writer Alyce Adams, but we’re definitely fangirls.

Tiana: Oh. Most definitely.

What are some of your favorite fandoms?

L: I probably started with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but I also really love Bob’s Burgers, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who (I’m a 10 girl), and Harry Potter, goes without saying.

T: Anything Whedonverse. I love all the DC/Marvel shows on right now. Harry Potter. Too many to name. And I’m a Marshmallow!

What was the filming process like? A few web series are filmed over a short span of time.

L: We filmed over a few months, on weekends. It was a really great experience; we filmed most of the episodes at Alyce and Hayley’s home in Melbourne. It was something I really looked forward to, we had an amazing crew and everyone worked so hard and just created a family atmosphere.

T: We shot every episode over weekends but it spanned over about 6 months because of pre and post production. I’m really glad we did it that way because it meant we got to savour the experience – it was just so much fun.

Any hopes for a second season, if so what fandoms would you like to see covered?

L: I would love to see a second season. We’re always sending Alyce suggestions. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give away anything we could do in season 2 but I would love to do Walking Dead episode.

T: I have my fingers crossed for season 2. I would love more than anything to do one. I would love to see Buffy, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars covered. There’s honestly too many to list!

Which episode was your favorite to film?

L: I really loved filming the whole series, but my favourite was probably ‘Join the Dark Side’. It was so much fun learning the fight choreography and getting to dress up as Leia, and I was so excited to see the effects when the episode was finished. I wish every episode had a lightsaber battle.

T: My favourite was the Harry Potter episode. It was such a fun episode for me with the crazy hair and make-up and costumes and props. Lex had some of my favourite lines of the whole series in that episode.

Louise, I know you’re a huge fan of The Walking Dead! Were you able to check out the Fear the Walking Dead premiere?

L: I actually watched the premiere the day after it came out with our writer Alyce. I don’t think this pilot was as strong as The Walking Dead’s pilot episode. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops, but I just can’t wait until October and season 6 of the original.

What attracted you guys to this particular series?

L: I loved the premise. As a passionate fangirl since I was about 10 and first read Lord of the Rings, it was so refreshing to read a script about a girl that I could see myself in. I love that it’s a comedy centred on female friendship and a love of geek culture. I also think that Alyce is a brilliant writer and our whole team is passionate, that’s infectious and a great working environment.

T: The fact that it was created by women and about women not ashamed to love what they love was a huge draw for me. Also all the pop culture references were right up my alley.

Was this your first time working on a web series?

L: This is my first web series, but hopefully not last. I think this is such an interesting time and people are doing amazing things on YouTube, like the Vlogbrothers, Hannah Hart and Felicia Day. I love that you can find and build a community online.

T: Yes. I’ve done web shorts but this was my first series.

I know you both have theatre backgrounds. Did you find that it helped with your filming process?

L: I think that having experience always helps, but they are different mediums so you’re drawing on different skills and making everything you would do on stage smaller for a camera.

T: I think it just helps with acting in general. It’s just a good foundation to have, but you do need to adjust yourself a little when you’re acting for screen.

Do you girls have any upcoming projects?

L: I am working on a short film with Alyce at the moment and auditioning and hoping for a season 2 of i can’t even.

T: Hopefully i can’t even series 2!

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