Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Hunter from 90 Minutes in Heaven and Finding Carter

Photo Credit: Marc Cartwright
Photo Credit: Marc Cartwright

Elizabeth Hunter is an ambitious young actress from the Atlanta area. With just a short time in the industry, Elizabeth has worked on the film Jersey Boys and such television projects as Nashville, Hart of Dixie, and Finding Carter.

She can currently be seen in theaters as Nicole Piper in 90 Minutes in Heaven, a movie based on the true story of a man who was declared dead for 90 minutes before miraculously being revived. It follows Mr. Piper and his family as they learn to come to terms, literally, with life after death.

Keep reading to see our intriguing interview with her and find out if she’ll be back on the upcoming season of Finding Carter that premieres October 6th!

Can you tell me a little bit about 90 Minutes in Heaven and your role in it? 

“90 Minutes in Heaven is about a man named John Piper who was in a car wreck and went to heaven for 90 minutes and came back to life. It’s all about his recovery and him giving hope. I play Nicole Piper, his daughter, and I really like my character because she’s only twelve and she’s having to deal with this. But she’s so strong throughout the story for her brothers and her mom who are definitely having a hard time.” 

When did these events actually take place? 

“I think it happened in 1989 or something like that, but I’m not completely sure so don’t quote me on that. (chuckles)”

What was it like to portray a real person and something that actually happened?

“It’s definitely a lot more pressure than any other role because I got to spend a lot of time with the actual Nicole Piper. I felt like I had to get it right.”

That would be a lot of pressure! Besides that, was it kind of fun or just really nerve-wracking?

“Yeah, it was fun because it was different from my past roles. I’m not making up a character. I’m just being a person that I actually know so that’s kind of strange but cool at the same time.”

Speaking of past and current roles, are you going to be returning to Finding Carter this season?

“I am!”

With the way things were left, I wasn’t sure! So does that mean that things might be able to work out between Reagan and Grant? 

“(chuckles) Maybe! You’ll just have to wait and see!” 

What was it like to be “the girl on the computer screen”?

“I was definitely looking forward to the day that I got to be seen in person, but it’s cool. I really like Grant and Reagan.”

Do you think they’ll go back to being online friends or do you think they’ll see each other in person again?

“I already know what happens so I can’t really tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see!” 

How did you film the scenes that were with you on the computer screen?

“We were actually face-timing. They just filmed me on Grant’s computer from Grant’s bedroom set.”

What made you decide you wanted to become an actress?

“When I was six, I saw Annie at a theater in Atlanta and after that show I was mesmerized. I told my mom, ‘I want to do that. That’s what I want to do.’ ” 

How did you get into it? 

“I started at my community theater. It took about a year before I told my mom that I wanted to go further with my career. She had me get an agent in Atlanta. Then later an agent and a manager in L.A. So, yeah! It just went from there.”

You make it sound so easy! What has been your favorite thing to film so far? 

“(laughs) Oh gosh! Um…well…I really liked filming 90 Minutes in Heaven because I spent a lot of time on that set. We all had a really close bond by the end of filming. I hope that bond will last a long time.” 

Where did you film?

“That was filmed in various locations in Atlanta.” 

Have you always filmed in Atlanta or have you filmed in other places for other things?

“I filmed Jersey Boys and Hart of Dixie at Warner Brothers.”

Has there been a particular person or people who have been your favorite to work with so far?

“(laughs) It’s fun working on Finding Carter with Zac Pullam because we were friends before. I met him when I was nine, actually.”

I talked to him the other day. 

“Yeah, I saw his interview online!”

That must make your interactions with him on set a lot easier than they would be if you hadn’t known each other before, huh?

“Yeah. It’s really easy to work with him ’cause we’re already so close.”

What would your dream project be?

“I really like film so I don’t know. Maybe something like Hermione from Harry Potter. I like those kinds of roles.”

Do you have any other projects coming up? 

“Currently just Finding Carter. The new season’s coming out this October, I believe.”

Zac said it’s the 6th.

“I think that’s right. Yeah.”


You heard her! Tune in to MTV on October 6th at 10pm EST for more Finding Carter.

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