Cover Wars: Cool for the Summer

“Cool for the Summer” is the lead single from Demi Lovato’s upcoming fifth studio album, Confident. The song was released on July 1, 2015 and received attention for bi-curious insinuations and sexually suggestive lyrics.  

“Cool for the Summer” debuted at 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and sold 80,000 copies in the first week it was available. The song has peaked at 11 on the Hot 100, reached the top 20 on charts in Australia and Canada, and reached the top 10 in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Having been a fan of Demi Lovato since her first Disney Channel appearance in Camp Rock “Cool for the Summer” was an automatic favorite. I love seeing Demi being more sexy and confident than the world has ever seen her. This song was made to be a summer hit and it is lasting into the fall months.

I can’t stop humming it and I hope it never leaves the radio. To continue my obsession, here are my top 5 favorite covers of Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer,” vote for your favorite below!


Cover #1

Artist: Meghan Tonjes     @meghantonjes


Cover #2

Artist: Jake Harris    @JakeHarrisIV


Cover #3

Artist: Adriana Gomez    @AdrianaxxGomez


Cover #4

Artist: Joana Castanheira & Rizzih   @joccastanheira  @rizzihh


Cover #5

Artist: Corey Gray & Ana Free    @coreygraymusic  @anafree


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Voting ends at 10/9c pm on Friday, October 2. 



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