“Continuum” Continues


Continuum is back in full force for a few more weeks with its fourth and final season, packed to the brim with six stellar episodes. Not familiar with Continuum?

In the pilot way back in Season 1, a band of guerilla freedom fighters called “Liber8” blow up a corporate headquarters, killing tens of thousands of people and are sentenced to execution. They escape back using a time travel device, taking a law enforcement officer named Kiera with them, but end up in 2012 by mistake—60 years earlier than they’d planned.

The usual insanity begins to ensue as Liber8 seeks to thwart the eventual rise of the corporations and change the future while all Kiera wants to do is return home to her own time to be with her husband and son. Naturally, she can’t do that if Liber8 screws it up, so she sets out to stop them. She teams up with the Vancouver Police Department by posing as a special liaison, and partners up with a teenaged computer whiz named Alec, who will eventually grow up to become Continuum’s amalgam of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all packed together into one convenient character.

Season Four is ramping up but if you haven’t seen the other seasons, check them out over on Netflix. Continuum features engaging characters, solid writing, high emotional stakes, and an intricate plot that’s still surprisingly easy to follow. They develop the characters and lore considerably through flashbacks (or flash forwards?) but the world is still very much our own despite the whole dystopia corporate conglomerate takes over schpiel. There’s also a lot of really cool technology that we even see nowadays in time.

Check it out either on Netflix or, if you’re looking for Season 4, look no further than SyFy Friday at 11/10c.

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