Book Review: Stars Melt to Milk by Brittany Touris

LgDMzRl1Brittany Touris is a talented young author who will amaze with the depths of her writing maturity and skill in her debut novel, Stars Melt to Milk.

The protagonists in Touris’ intriguing story, Janis and Charlie, are a young couple navigating their way through the difficulties of adulthood. Janis loves the ballet. Her boyfriend Charlie is still finding his way. An unplanned pregnancy raises the stakes for both of them.

The book’s title, Stars Melt to Milk, is inspired, so beautifully poetic and draws reader interest and curiosity. Further, chapter titles such as A Red Spark, New Life, Stars in Their Eyes, Good Pain, Serenade and A Cry from the Eye of the Cat whet the reader’s curiosity, as if Touris is the architect purposefully constructing intriguing destinations. The reader will willingly allow Touris to plot this journey because her flawless characterizations and plotting instantly inspire confidence in her creative acumen.

Touris writes with great strength and great emotion which is both difficult and admirable. Readers will enjoy the protagonists wrestling with mature issues. Yet, we are reminded that this is a young couple on the precipice of adulthood.

I found that Touris’ creative technique of shifting perspectives within the narrative from Janis and Charlie allowed the reader to connect emotionally with each character. We are able to feel their successes and failures and perhaps identify with the very real and very frightening challenges before them.

Stars Melt to Milk addresses the themes of love, hope and sacrifice. Themes that provide a realistic foundation for the human experience. The book might be classified as a new adult novel. But Touris’ skilled and emotionally honest writing elevate this story to a fictional exploration all ages may enjoy.

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