Album Review: Nicki Aycox brings a little slice of heaven with her EP Red Velvet Room

Nicki Aycox has a voice that is heaven-sent.

The accomplished actress of both television and film can add musician to her impressive resume with the recent release of her EP Red Velvet Room.  Red Velvet Room offers a wealth of eclectic songs that harken to the blissful moments of nostalgia, the warmth and comfort of a past that sustains us when faced with the harsh realities of the present.

Aycox understands this longing for nostalgia as she recreates such memories through powerful lyrics and music.

Her song Johnny is pitch perfect. The rhythm is smooth and inviting. Yet, there’s a hint of vulnerability that resonates with the song. Each time Aycox repeats the name Johnny, listeners will be able to feel the poignancy and will be magically transported to a special time in their lives.

My Secret is a stirring treasure. We all have secrets that we protect within our hearts.  These secrets are special and unique to us. We guard them, perhaps even recall them in moments of solitude. Aycox allows this song to capture the feeling of a secret: its beauty, its innocence.  Then, she enables the secret to break free and to soar unencumbered in the air through her words and her melody.

Charcoal Rain also accentuates the EP with its haunting intensity while Old Man Joe Lullaby tells its own story through dynamic music.

Nicki Aycox bares her soul and in doing so, has a winner with her debut EP. Red Velvet Room brings a little slice of heaven for music listeners.

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