Album Review: Beach Weather’s “What a Drag”

beach weather poster

Beach Weather’s new indie-pop EP “What a Drag” is a delightful album full of refreshing head-bopping beats that you can’t help but dance along to. The song “Wolf” is both smooth and upbeat. Like the lyrics say, “I can feel it inside my bones/This electric high.” This is true of the whole EP. “New Skin” takes you down a “cosmic road” of sound; in “Bad Seed” they sing about a “venomous” relationship, saying “You shoot through the room/With your criminal stare.” Rebel, the Queen of Brooklyn in “Rebel Sun,” is vividly imagined as Beach Weather’s lyrics tell of her wild ways. The EP finishes with “Swoon,” a hypnotic trip with an addictive sound.

Every single track is catchy and peppy, and you can bet this is going in more than one of my personal playlists!

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