A Review: She’s Funny That Way

Ah, yeah. She’s Funny That Way. You want to see good acting? They got it. You want to watch a movie with lots of lust and very little love? They got it. You want to laugh your heart out for an hour and some change? Well… lets just say I don’t think you’ll be interested in watching this one. As far as comedy goes, this movie is hit or miss in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, the squirrels to the nuts bit was quite humorous and Jennifer Aniston not being included on the cast of Friends is like a sandwich with no bread. Yeah sure, you got the cheese, you got the meat, you got the lettuce, but that’s still no sandwich, dammit! However, this movie just wasn’t all that funny to me.

What I will say is that She’s Funny That Way was one of the most entertaining movies I’ve watched in a few months. The chemistry between Owen Wilson and Imogen Poots was mind-blowing and I dare anyone to refute that claim. There were scenes in this movie (especially with Wilson and Poots) where I totally forgot they were acting. Poots auditioning, Wilson’s first scene with Poots, Jennifer Aniston as a therapist, Owen Wilson and Rhys Ifans getting into an argument, etc. It was as if I was right there going through everything they were going through. I didn’t laugh all that much, but this movie was still fun to watch.

As a matter of fact, if I had to rate this movie I’d give it a 4 out of 5. The only reason it wouldn’t get 5 stars is due solely to the fact that it was billed as a comedy. Bottom line, if I see a movie, watch it from start to finish, find the plot intriguing, and the actor/actress takes me along for the ride, I’ll label it a pretty damn good film despite a few problems. On the other hand, if I watch a movie and the plot is deplorable, an actor/actress gives a perfunctory performance, and I don’t feel anything for the entire movie (or however long I can wait until I’ve had enough), than that’s where I’ll have a problem.

To make a short story short, I give this movie two thumbs up. I don’t want to spoil the ending, nor do I want to spoil the movie at all and that’s because I want you to see it for yourself, obviously. When/if you do/did see it I’ll bet You’ll/you have/had a reaction similar to mine. I say that with great aplomb.

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