A Meal of Candy and Secrets in Winterthorne Episode 3

Colin Winterthorne returned home in Episode 2.  But despite a dinner table filled with sweet treats, the familial environment turns sour in Episode 3 of the magnificent web series, Winterthorne.

Josh Thrower plays Colin with a wonderful mixture of vulnerability and strength. It is evident that he has a strained relationship with his family, in particular his mother, Miranda. Furthermore, family secrets are toxic. Colin questions his father and grandfather, but they reveal nothing.

All three actors, Josh Thrower, Michael Caruso and Gordon Thomson bring such realism to their roles that viewers feel as though they are witnessing an actual family dynamic. Once again, Michael Caruso ‘s Victor is a commanding presence. Caruso excels in revealing Victor’s pain when he confronts Miranda. His emotional pain is as devastating as his physical scars.

Of course, the addition of Martha Madison to this scene is electric. Madison, once again, is so attuned with Miranda’s strength and the viewer is riveted by both her words and actions. Caruso and Thomson make the most of their scenes as well, delivering memorable and powerhouse performances.

The set design is brilliantly unique and so keeping with the Winterthorne theme. A dinner table overflowing with candy would be daunting for any other family, but not the Winterthornes.

John Paul Lavoisier as Hugh Cambridge adds further intrigue to a tapestry rich in secrets and betrayal. Lavoisier and Madison are explosive in their scenes.

Winterthorne episode 4 airs next week.  Go to www.winterthorne.com


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