A Gaming N00b

Kids these days, amirite? Is there a home out there that *doesn’t* have some sort of gaming system? I was one of the unlucky kids growing up that didn’t. I had a GameBoy but only had two games: Zelda and Crash Test Dummies. I never finished either of them.

Now that I’m older and in my own home I want to become a “gamer.” It started when I first began dating my husband: I would watch him play The Sims and Diablo on his PC or Final Fantasy VII on the first-gen Playstation (oh man, I’m old, huh?). I thought how fun it looked and how it allowed him to temporarily transport himself to a different world. Years later I would watch him play Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy X, and more.

Soon after I tried gaming. I bought Final Fantasy X-2 (if you remember that’s the sequel where Yuna tries to find Tidus) thinking that a female-centric team would draw me in. I played for a while before getting bored so I quit, coming to the conclusion that I just wasn’t the gaming type.

But then came Facebook. I know, I know. I became addicted to Famville like everyone else on the planet. I played every day but didn’t consider it gaming. No one did. But you know what I realized? It was a game that I liked playing. So why shouldn’t it be considered gaming? I eventually quit (didn’t everyone?) and continued to be jealous of those who gamed.

Then something magical happened. My friend Lyndsey started playing YouTube videos of Mass Effect conversations. I thought they were cute, but still didn’t feel the need to play. But that changed THIS YEAR.

Two weeks ago I started playing Mass Effect. And you know what? I’m ADDICTED. You mean I can create a female character with a developed backstory who is also a BAMF?? Sign me up! I don’t have to respond to a male’s unwanted advances? Wicked!

For those of you who have played the game, you know what a rich story unfolds. I found myself completely engrossed, forgetting time and even meals. For me, playing Mass Effect is like reading a good book: I can’t put it down and am willing to sacrifice sleep just to get to the next chapter. I finally understand the obsession my friend has and am completely willing to obsess with her.

Entering the gaming world boils down to one thing: find a game you love. I’m a bit sad that it took me so long to find this new obsession, but am grateful that I no longer have to search. Thank you, Lyndsey, and to those on Twitter that constantly tweeted game-play (I’m looking at you, Sam Maggs).

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