5 Things iZombie Fans May Want to See in Season 2

Spoiler alert: This article contain spoilers from episodes that haven’t aired in some regions of the world.

iZombie Season 2 will premiere in four weeks and fans are anticipating the return of Liv Moore! They’re excited to see what the new season will hold for their favorite undead, crime fighting zombie.

Here are the 5 Things iZombie fans want to see in Season 2:

  1. Liv and Major are reunited. After Liv was zombie infected at the boat party in the pilot, she pushed Major away and they broke up. She found love again with Lowell, but a part of Liv’s heart still belonged to Major. Now that he knows the truth about zombies, will Major and Liv find their way back to each other?
  2. Blaine becomes a zombie again. As a zombie, Blaine was marvelously evil and brilliantly enterprising as he created a gourmet brain meal service, catering to a wealthy clientele.  In the Season 1 finale, Liv injected Blaine with Ravi’s cure rendering him human again. Blaine was terrific as a zombie and he needs to rejoin the ranks of the undead.
  3. Clive discovers Liv is a zombie. As Liv’s partner, Clive has helped her solve many cases. Think how much more useful he’d be if he knew Liv was a zombie. Plus, Liv wouldn’t have to constantly fear he’ll eat her ramen with brains, which he thinks is chinese food.
  4. Peyton returns. Liv’s friend and roommate took off running in the night when she saw her in zombie mode. Fans want Peyton to come back. Here’s hoping Peyton won’t expose Liv and put her in danger.
  5. Exciting new characters. It has already been announced that Robert Knepper has joined the cast as Blaine’s father. What other new characters will join the show’s canvas in Season 2?


iZombie Season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 9/8c on the CW.

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