5 Things Fans May Want To See in Jane the Virgin Season 2 Premiere

Spoilers contained. If located in a region in which episodes haven’t yet aired, you may want to stop reading.

The critically acclaimed Jane the Virgin ended its first season with life changing events for several of its characters. With the season premiere fast approaching, here are 5 things fans would like to see when the show returns October 12.

1.   Jane gets her baby back.  The season finale ended with a woman posing as a nurse bringing baby Mateo to someone in a limousine and the person driving off with Jane’s son. More than likely, it was Sin Rostro. Here’s hoping that Jane gets her baby back early in the premiere.

2.   Xo tells Alba that she and Rogelio are married. After a drunken Vegas night, Xo and Rogelio woke up the next morning as husband and wife. Fans will be eager to see Xo tell her mother about her state of matrimony. And also Alba’s reaction.

3.   Luisa helps the police capture Sin Rostro.  Rose a.k.a Sin Rostro has committed many nefarious crimes, including murdering her husband. She has alluded the police for a long time. It would be an interesting twist if ex-lover Luisa helps the police to finally bring her to justice.

4.  Michael tells Jane he wants her back.  Jane’s ex Michael has been a supportive friend throughout her relationship troubles with Rafael. It would be great to see him return to Jane and tell her he wants her back.

5.   Jane chooses between Michael and Rafael.  Fans are divided on who Jane should be with. In the premiere, Jane makes her choice.

Jane the Virgin premieres Monday, October 12 at 9/8c on the CW.


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