5 Things Fans May Want to See in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12

Spoiler Alert: This article contains information from episodes that may have not aired in some regions.

Grey’s Anatomy the long-running series created by Shondra Rhimes enters its 12th Season when it returns on September 24.

Last season found several characters facing life altering changes. The most significant one being Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) dealing with the death of her husband Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). This tragedy left her and viewers heartbroken.

Here are 5 Things Fans May Want to See in Season 12.

1.    Meredith adjusts to life without Derek.   Derek and Meredith have been the cornerstone of the series since Season 1.  Despite differences and problems in their marriage, primarily due to Derek’s prestigious new position, Derek and Meredith’s connection was a powerful one. Now, Meredith has to go at it alone at work and as a single parent to their children.  Fans want to see how she gets on with her life without him.

2.   April and Jackson’s marriage.   Last season was an extremely difficult one for April and Jackson.  Despite a rocky start to their marriage, April and Jackson were going to be parents.  Of course, more disagreements happened between them due to how they were going to raise their child.  That all became a moot point when their son died soon after his birth.  Following the death, April devoted herself to working for Doctors Without Borders and spent weeks apart from her husband.  Will April and Jackson’s marriage survive their grief and separation?

3.   Mrs. Catherine Webber or Mr. Richard Avery?   After an on-again, off-again relationship, Catherine and Richard finally became husband and wife.  But can these two strong-willed surgeons learn how to compromise in order to have a strong marriage?

4.   Dr. Amelia Shepherd.  Having lived so long in her brother’s shadow, Amelia has to have the confidence to be the only neurosurgeon (Dr. Shepherd) at Grey Sloan.  She proved that she has the skills and talent when she saved Dr. Herman’s life in a risky surgical procedure. Will Amelia put pressure on herself to surpass Derek’s legacy?

5.    New doctors.    Part of the reason Grey’s Anatomy has lasted so long is the fact that the show’s not afraid to introduce new characters and weave them into current characters storylines.  We were introduced to new doctors and interns at the end of last season. Can’t wait to see more of them this season, especially Joe Adler and Joe Dinciol!

The Season 12 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday, September 24 at 8/9c on ABC.



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