Young and Hungry summer premiere

The summer premiere of Young and Hungry will air on August 19. If you’re starving for laughs, this show will fill your comedy appetite.

The midseason finale saw Gabi (Emily Osmett) leaving Josh (Jonathan Saworski) and viewers wondering what would happen with their buddy relationship as she embarked on the job opportunity of a lifetime in Switzerland.

With the void left by Melissa and Joey as well as Baby Daddy, Wednesday is fast becoming “will they or won’t they” pursue love on ABC Family as new comedy Kevin From Work continues to explore this theme.

Gabi and Josh are two very likable characters that audiences can relate to which makes Young and Hungry a perfect way to spend a Wednesday.  Forget TGIF, it’s TGIW on ABC Family.

The Young and Hungry summer premiere airs Wednesday, August 19 at 8/7c pm.




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