Why more people should be watching Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin
is a show that has received critical acclaim and award nominations. Gina Rodriguez, who plays the title character Jane, has even won a Golden Globe. So, why aren’t more people watching the show that is one of the jewels in The CW’s crown?

Well, probably because it airs on The CW. Which is a pity. The CW offers some of the best television programs on any network. Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (though to be fair, that show originally aired on the former WB).

Like Buffy, the show’s title may also be keeping viewers from tuning in. If the show was called The Chronicles of Jane or Jane Does Life, perhaps more people would be watching. That aside, let’s examine what makes Jane the Virgin a show that deserves more viewers.

The characters. They are very appealing. Jane is a young woman pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer, despite getting accidentally inseminated. As played by Gina Rodriguez, she never comes off as self-pitying or preachy. She is bubbly and smart. Her mother, Xiomara or Xo (Andrea Navedo) is funny and easy to talk to, which is why she and Jane are more like friends than mother and daughter. Rogelio, Jane’s father, played by Jamie Camil, is self-centered without being obnoxious. Supporting characters Rafael and Petra have done things to classify them as villains but because of excellent writing and acting, they are sympathetic. Jane’s ex Michael (Bret Dier) is the guy every girl dreams of marrying which makes Jane and viewers torn between who she should choose, Michael or Rafael, the father of her baby.

The story lines. In addition to the arc involving Jane’s pregnancy, season one has seen two murders and a crime cartel.

The narration. This is the best of any heard on television. Not only does it add to the scene, but it’s hilarious. Not surprising the narrator, Anthony Mendez, has received an Emmy nomination.

With the announcement of Britney Spears as a guest star in Season Two, now is the perfect time for viewers to watch Jane the Virgin.


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