What if the Kevin From Work characters worked at your office?

Every office has a unique set of people that are employed there.

But what if you worked with the Kevin From Work characters, could you get your work done?

You’re assigned to do a PowerPoint presentation with Kevin but he is distracted by thoughts of Audrey, who is handing out ‘happy face’ stickers.

Here comes Ricky. He has a notebook and is asking people questions. When he gets to you, you politely tell him you don’t have time to talk about your date last night.

Maybe you and Kevin can finish the presentation at his apartment. Trying to get the work done there is worse. Casa de  Kevin is like Grand Central Station. Brian pops in surveying Kevin’s possessions and asking whether he can have this thing or that.

Then, there’s his sister Roxie. It’s really hard to concentrate with her standing there in that totally inappropriate outfit drinking a bottle of Sprite.

The door opens and this attractive woman enters, pulling Kevin into a kiss. You learn her name is Patti. Well, at least Kevin tells her he’s trying to work.

Many hours have passed, the PowerPoint presentation isn’t completed and it’s due tomorrow. You fear you’re going to get fired.

Suddenly, you wake up in your own apartment to the sound of a television. It was all a dream. Kevin From Work is just on TV.

It’s funny to laugh at the antics of the characters on Kevin From Work, but it would probably be less fun to actually work with them.

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