UnREAL finale review

On UnREAL’s finale Rachel makes the decision to run away with Adam leaving Jeremy a goodbye letter.  Adam leaves to meet Rachel but he’s caught by Quinn. Once Adam and Rachel do meet up, he does a total one-eighty and breaks up with her. It’s obvious Quinn said something to him. But what?

The majority of the episode contained what fans have come to love best about the show, the backstabbing behind the scenes of producing a reality show. Several daggers were left in characters backs. Chet ends Quinn’s plan of Madison’s lawsuit against him for sexual harassment by making the girl a producer. Dagger One.

It’s off to London to film the season finale of Everlasting.  Britney, who was eliminated during the first week of the competition shows up, courtesy of Chet. The finalists are sized up by Adam’s mother, Duchess Cromwell to determine their “pedigree fitness” to marry into the family.

Anna is the big winner when Adam chooses her to be his bride.  But unfortunately, this Cinderella story doesn’t have a happily ever after as Anna is heartbroken when she overhears Adam telling Rachel he intends to annul the marriage in a year. Dagger Two.

The scenes during the filming of Adam and Anna’s wedding are the best of the entire episode.  Once everyone realizes ‘here comes the bride’ is not happening, Rachel announces that they have a runaway bride. Britney takes this as a sign and offers herself as Adam’s replacement bride. Adam’s not interested. Poor Britney, twice the loser, never the bride.

It does look like there will be a wedding on Everlasting when Jeremy gets down on bended knee. But instead of proposing to Rachel, he admits he read her note and calls her on her deceit. Ouch. Dagger Three, destination Rachel.

In the final scene of the finale, Jeremy pays a visit to Rachel’s psychiatrist mother telling her Rachel’s in trouble.  When you get betrayed by your ex, don’t get mad, get her committed. Jeremy is finally a character worthy of UnREAL.

And so, viewers had to say goodbye to UnREAL until Season Two.

It was a juicy, fun ride.

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